We Specialize In

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    Strategic planning

    If your organization is here, and you want to get there, how do you do it?
    We will help you define what success looks like and forge a path.

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    Succession planning

    Everything works fine now, but what will happen when a key leader – or supporter, or cheerleader – leaves?
    We will help put plans in place to sustain your success.

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    Non-profit fundraising

    How can you develop a plan that will not only meet your immediate revenue needs but also set you up for continued donations?
    We will meet with your constituents, your staff, and your leadership to ensure a sustainable fundraising model.

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    Board development

    Who’s in charge – the CEO or the board? How can you make sure that all the board members understand their roles and are fulfilling their roles? We will develop and execute tools to identify the capacities of the board, and develop and execute plans to strengthen their capacity.

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    Coaching and Teambuilding

    We will work with your leadership – board and/or staff –  to maximize effectiveness.   We have experience working with individuals and with teams, and often use the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator to identify team strengths and weaknesses.

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    Strengthening collaborations

    Working with another entity, you have been able to achieve much more than you imagined. But partnerships are hard; how can you keep everyone feeling recognized and appreciated, and achieve your goals? We will meet with partners, identify common interests and obstacles, develop a plan, and work with you as the partnership is strengthened.

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    Issue resolution

    Whether this is a nagging irritation or an elephant in the room that everyone knows about but no-one wants to confront, we will work with all individuals in a caring and supportive way to confront and resolve the problems that are getting in the way of your organization doing its best work.

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    Meeting facilitation

    It seems easy, but too many meetings fail because people neglect to think of the basics.
    We will design processes and conduct meetings to ensure that you achieve your outcomes.

  • Systems Review

    As organizations evolve, they often outgrow their systems – and don’t even know it!  We can assess your systems and make recommendations for improvements.